What is a Real Estate Appraisal?

FORT WORTH APPRAISERSReal estate is a very competitive industry and anyone can participate for as long as there are certain properties to handle. In the real estate world, there is the concept of price and market value and you have to remember that these are two different things.

If you are planning to sell a particular property, you should also be aware of whom to trust when putting up your property’s value. The most common problem when selling properties is that property owners do not know who to turn to and they just go along whatever a real estate broker will recommend. You should take note that Fort Worth real estate appraisers are there to provide an unbiased value to the property. On the other hand, real estate brokers are just there to get a listing.

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What is a Bankruptcy Appraisal?

Fort Worth Bankruptcy AppraisalsWhen you are struggling to repay your debts, you may need to file for bankruptcy. This allows your debts to be reduced, eliminated, or restructured under federal law. During this process, the courts will need a clear indication of your current finances and assets, which may require you to hire a Fort Worth bankruptcy appraiser.


What is the Value of Your Home?

Determining the value of your property is certainly not a simple task. Your home is not worth the same amount as it was when you purchased it, as the market changes, and your property value has likely appreciated. So, you need to determine the current market value of the home. Read More

Fort Worth Real Estate Trends

Fort Worth Real Estate2014 was definitely an interesting year for the residential real estate markets. Home prices in various areas saw a slight (or not so slight) increase during the past year, with Fort Worth, Texas, being one of them.

The median home price in Fort Worth for the past couple of years was around $180,00. Experts estimated a forecast of an 8.9% increase throughout September 2014, even though the prices in this area have remained fairly stable for the past couple of years. What stopped the residential real estate market from imploding was the fact that home building was relatively cheap and the local economy – fairly strong. The Forth Worth International Airport also kept a steady supply of jobs and buyers, looking to buy in the area. In 2014, around 3,360 units were sold (with up almost 47% over last quarter and up 9% from last year), with the average price of $184,000.

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